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Thanks Stuart! Thats really interesting about the robot power and its arrangement. I will try and find some info about the coal train. It 



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There were also trains 123 and 124 which were about the hottest trains on that line.  Used to watch 124 come off the K&IT bridge in New Albany in the afternoons heading west.  It usually had big power, either SD40-2’s or SD45’s.  It was also always a radio train as was 123.

The other trains that I saw pretty regularly was a radio unit coal train that came off the AW&W at Oakland City IN.  That train used the Southern Ortner rapid discharge cars.  Not sure where it ran to loaded but it came through Louisville loaded EB and empty WB.  The WB train would have all of the power including the Radio Car up front.  They would cut the radio units in mid-train at Oakland City after it was loaded.

Stuart Thayer

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Hello everyone,

I in the planning stages of of a HO-scale layout based on the Louisville to St. Louis line. 

I've tried searching on the web for informating on the line but have had no luck.

Primarily I'm looking for what were the trains that ran over it with orgins and destinations. I've seen mention of 111 and 112 in what I have managed to find. 

Also where there any locals that ran on the line and what online customers where there? I've also seen mention of a train 73.

Also, this is a broad question, but basically anything of revelent would be appricated. 

Thanks you in advance,


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