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George Eichelberger


The IC-CofG relationship was very strong. There are virtually no references to the Southern handling package car traffic out of Chicago to anywhere on the SRS, except what came via the IC/Central (through B’ham?).

That may have been because the Southern’s package car system appears to be more focused on traffic from Southern territory to various gateway connections and transfer points and between Southern served cities. When the service began around 1906, it reflected the fact that the “South” was a destination of goods, not an originator. The transfer facility at Pot. Yard sent 203 cars to Birmingham (1,698.600 lbs) during the first nine months of 1909.

Here’s are two paragraphs from the TIES package car article…

The largest number of package car routes out of Atlanta to other railroads and ship lines were scheduled from Inman Transfer. Through cars from there went to: Akron, OH (AC&Y), Albany, GA (GSW&G), Charleston, SC (Clyde Lines), Charlotte, NC (NSRR), Chicago,IL (CI&L), Cincinnati (B&O and PRR), Cordele, GA (GS&F), Havana, Cuba (Thursdays, all rail via FEC), Jacksonville, FL (GS&F, FEC, SAL and ACL Fla Transfer), Kansas City (via E. St. Louis and MP), Miami, FL (FEC), Montgomery, AL (A&WP), New Orleans, LA (NO&NE), Springfield,OH (Big Four) and West Palm Beach, FL (FEC).


The Directory also included lists of inbound cars from other railroads, “North of the Ohio River” sent 50 cars. The largest group, 20 cars, came from Chicago. Many were interchanged and routed to the Southern’s Vine St. and Lincoln Park freight stations in Cincinnati but through cars also came to Asheville, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Louisville and Atlanta. A Friday only refrigerator car from the Big Four in Chicago went to Columbia, SC.

Note that the Southern Directory shows 20 cars from Chicago. I need to see if I can locate near that number in the “Bulletin” issues we have.

I’d like to hear some feedback from folks about how interesting they think this kind of material is. We now have so many potential articles we can run in TIES, some may never make the “cut”.


On Aug 2, 2020, at 9:30 AM, Marv Clemons <mclemonsjr@...> wrote:

Ike, it's very interesting to learn that routings from Chicago to Montgomery via IC-Columbus GA - Central of Georgia were handled in near identical times as the more direct C&EI - L&N, and with only one local train on the Columbus-Montgomery segment vs. multiple schedules on the L&N.

Just one more reason to love the CofG!

Marv Clemons

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