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Al Collins

Thanks for that info Don, that is interesting none the less. Its plausible some of SDs did have the low idle retrofitted then.

There is a video on Youtube about training on Saluda and in the video it shows a SD45 cab, and its clearly in low idle. But given the age of the video, I was thinking the sound was dubbed or a simulator, not being a actual Southern SD45. 

On my HO-scale locomotives, the sound file has low idle as well but again, its just a generic file and was wondering if that was prototypical.



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I realize Al's question was in regard to Southern SD locomotives, but Southern did have some GP30s and possibly some GP35s that were equipped with low idle.  This was a homemade system developed by Pete Wydener (sp?), a General Foreman at Chattanooga Diesel Shop.  Pete's system was mounted in the left side of the electrical cabinet behind the panel holding the warning lights, light switches, and the isolation switch.

At least a handful of GP30s were equipped, but I cannot recall how widespread the retrofit may have been.


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