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Bill Schafer

Power truck at rear was A-1-A, with only two of the three axles powered. My understanding is that it spread the weight on drivers sufficiently to keep that weight under 45 tons. That way, SOU could get by with a motorman only and was not obligated to staff the trains with firemen. I think the unions fought this but lost in arbitration - we should have documentation somewhere to confirm this.


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The StLCCo literature describes “ 6 Wheel motor truck at the rear of motor car” and “ 4 Wheel pilot truck at the front….” Both had 33” wheels and roller bearings. The number of wheels and axles does seem reversed as weight on the front truck was 64 tons, the rear 51 tons.

Coaches were “Jim Crow” with two “compartments” front 32 passengers, rear 44 passengers and four toilets, length 70’ 6"


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Yes, apparently they were re-trucked several times in their career.

The promotional brochures I have (Cracker and Goldenrod) show a four-wheel lead truck and a six-wheel rear truck.

I've seen photos of the units with two six-wheel trucks, and (I believe - not certain) with two four-wheel trucks.

I have several negatives of these units, but I cannot dig them up just now.


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Hi Bob

Thanks for info and update

That seems to agree with model on Brass Trains website.

Proto Photo appears to have 3 axles front and rear...  But not sure

John Stewart
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