locked Southern steam-jet AC on GG-1 pulled trains

George Eichelberger

Another post to the PCL about AC on Southern passenger equip.


PS If anyone is interested, I will post the Google Drive link to the presentation I mention here.

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Subject: Re: Southern steam-jet AC on GG-1 pulled trains
Date: August 24, 2020 at 7:46:42 PM EDT


Yes, there are references to steam to electro-mech AC conversions throughout the SRHA archives. The question has never come up before so I do not know precise numbers or dates. It would be an interesting exercise, particularly if there was a relationship to cars used in through train service. Here is a page from a 1-22-54 Hayne Shop memo that refers to various Southern passenger car generator and AC programs.

Another, completely different, subject that concerned steam and electro-mechanical AC was on the WWII hospital cars. The Southern originated many trains from the Charleston POE to hospitals all over the country so wounded soldiers, sailors and Marines could convalesce near their homes and family. The selection of hospital and kitchen cars, and the Pullmans that accompanied the trains were dictated somewhat by the railroads they were to travel on and what kind of AC those roads used. I think I included that topic in a clinic I did at the Cocoa Beach RPM a few years ago. (I can re-post the (silent) presentation if anyone is interested in the subject of hospital, troop and POW trains.)


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