locked Re: Switchstand identification

Stephen Warner


That is a Rocor stand,with a mid-level target.  As  Ron  can  confirm, IRR also had a high level target just entering Andover yard, called appropriately enough High Target.  I have a mid level  Racor stand now that I have to maintain at SER, and I would much rather have a  Bethlehem New Century stand, since they can be adjusted multiple ways.  Racor, Ramapo, and Weir  stands are all difficult to adjust, since they only have a single eyebolt Underneath that shortens or lengthens the throw, thus eases or increases pressure on the points (do not want gapped points).  To adjust to only one side, one needs to move the No. 1 Tie  Rod  bolt, and moving either the eye bolt or tie rod bolt is a bear if they are frozen, as is  my Racor stand.  I can adjust a NC stand alone in 5”,  but I need a crew and as much as an hour for a Racor.  Yep, that is a Racor, with a walk-a-round throw and I  believe that I  fortunately never had to adjust that one when I was there at Tito in the early 70s.

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