locked Re: New member questions on the St. Louis line

Stephen Warner

Tim’s schedules are correct for the time.  However, may I point out the unusual numbering.  Standard Code (and every other RR that I worked on) almost always has even numbers EB/NB, and odd numbers WB/SB.  The old Louisville St. Louis Div runs E/W, but the numbering is the opposite of normal practice.  My first day on SR was on a rail train laying CWR east of Louisville in 1969.  We cleared up for 111, and I was off the r of w in the clear watching for a WB train from the East.  111 came up behind me eastbound from the west.  Surprise!  

The numbers were that way a since the trains came off of or onto the CNO&TP at Danville, and the TT direction there was NB and SB, so 111 Coming from Louisville would  continue  SB as an odd number and vice versa.  Interesting trivia.

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