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George Eichelberger

The Southern had to use its Atlantics (4-4-2) then light Pacifics on the Brunswick line south of Macon because of the track. The Atlanta-Jacksonville train that ran on the Coast Line from Jesup exchanged engines (Ps-4s with ACL train control equipment) at Jesup for the run to J’ville. For the northbound trips the larger engine was cut off, turned and serviced by the ACL.

I suspect a Ts never operated south of Macon on the Brunswick line. Also the GS&F was not noted for heavy rail, there are quite a few photos of 4-8-2s in the SRHA archives but none of them were taken south of Macon. I realize that’s not definitive but logical considering track conditions on the GS&F. When the Southern was running the Midwestern-Fla passenger trains most went on the ACL south of Hardeeville.


PS The Florida Sunbeam article is about finished, Larry Goolsby has helped with photos of the Sunbeam on the SAL (it ran via Hampton, FL). If anyone has any photos of the train anywhere and can let us use them, that’d be great.

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Oscar Kimsey wrote about them in one of the issues of SRHS's Southern Rails. I think it was four or five Ts class engines in total. I don't remember whether a Ts-1 got the black treatment. If I recall, Atlanta-Brunswick was one of the routes which they were used on.

Jack Wyatt

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In the SRHA Archives, we have photographs of at least two Ts-class Mountains, 1453 and 1454, in black paint with dog houses on the tender decks. These are the only two 4-8-2s I know of that got the black treatment in the 1940s. In each case, "Southern" was spelled out on the tender sides instead of large numerals typical of freight engines.


* Does anyone know of any other SOU Mountains that were painted black just before dieselization?
* Has anyone seen photos of any black Mountains with large numerals on the tenders?
* Does anyone have a photo to share of black 4-8-2s from the 1940s other than 1453 and 1454?
* What service were the black 4-8-2s used in? We have seen a photo of 1454 (black) on a head-end heavy passenger train but none in freight service.

Of course, I haven't been to the Archives recently. It's possible more photos of black 4-8-2s have been unearthed and I just don't know about them.


--Bill Schafer

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