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C J Wyatt


I believe that the Buhoup vestibule was a wide vestibule design. The vestibule in your drawing of the Southern Railway coach is a Pullman narrow. See attached. Pullman narrow vestibules were specified in the contract dated December 17, 1894 between Southern Railway and Pullman Palace car Company, lot 2089 for 2 vestibuled coaches <nos. 1200-1201>.

Jack Wyatt

On Tuesday, September 22, 2020, 03:44:41 PM EDT, George Eichelberger <geichelberger@bellsouth.net> wrote:


Another good subject for research!

The only thing I can say for sure about “smoking rooms” is that they were only in the “gents” end of the car during this time period. I expect that corresponded to the social mores of the time.

The filename does not say “floor plan” so I did not find/post it earlier. I’ve attached a much reduced size and resolution scan of drawing 2-A-17 dated April 17, 1895 of a standard 57’ coach that includes a floor plan.

The drawing may (!) be in the same category I mentioned earlier but in any case, it is a “work of art” on its own. (Note: it is a very early example of a car with a closed (Beauhop?) vestibule.)


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