locked Mixed Trains

George Eichelberger

As we sort through, and scan, the passenger train folders in the SR Presidents’ files, there are a number of documents on mixed trains.

As the subject would make an interesting TIES article, does anyone on the list have any photos or recollections of Southern’s mixed trains? Examples of what has been scanned so far include:

1949-7-14 GS&F mixed train No 26
Tr 71-170 Coryton-Cumberland Gap mixed
Tr 76-77 Clinton-Jellico, TN
Tr 101-102 Mixed Knoxville-Maryville
Tr 122, 123, 124, 125 Cochran-Hawkinsville, GA
Tr 141-142 Union-Lockhart, SC

The archives contain a floor plan of the bay window cabs modified with passenger seats for mixed train service on the GS&F, including the “Jim Crow” arrangement with white and colored passengers on both side of the bay window area.

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