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C J Wyatt

Thanks Matt,

I had heard the UPS story and that took place in 1916. Dublin said that Pullman started developing its green in 1900. Maybe it took ten years to evolve.

Brown sounds good to me. Now if I can get some evidence for the lettering.


On Thursday, September 24, 2020, 08:21:35 PM EDT, Matt Bumgarner <tarheelpress@gmail.com> wrote:

At the SE Narrow Gauge & Shortline Museum, we have been restoring an 1899 narrow gauge baggage car from the WV Midland Rwy.  We found the original specs from the Jackson & Sharpe records, and the color specified was "Pullman", but as we sanded down siding or removed moulding, all we found was a chocolate brown. 

After more research, we found out indeed that the early "Pullman" color was brown, and around 1910 changed to green.

I can't remember the source, but I remember reading that UPS picked their brown color to match the original "Pullman" brown.

Matt Bumgrner

On Thu, Sep 24, 2020 at 2:57 PM C J Wyatt <cjwyatt@bellsouth.net> wrote:
I assumed that the Southern Railway System's first passenger car color was similar to Pullman Green. Indeed, in a contract dated May 3, 1895 with Pullman Palace Car Company for new passenger cars, the body color is specified as "Pullman Standard furnished by Sherwin Williams Co". However the "standard" may be something else. Pullman expert Arthur D. Dublin said in his Pullman Paint and Lettering Notebook on page 10:

"Until 1900 Pullman cars were painted a rich, thick chocolate brown."

So did Southern in its early days use green or brown? And then we have the question about the color of letters, numbers, and stripes? Gold leaf?

I appreciate any help.

Jack Wyatt

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