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Bill Schafer

Hi, Allen,

I’m not aware of any single reference that lists all the Southern Railway turntables together, nor am I aware of anyone who has made the effort to make a compilation of them. I just checked the 1912 Southern Railway station list which lists the presence of turntables but does not specify their length. The mechanical or B&B departments may have had such a list but one hasn’t surfaced yet as far as I know. 

In the SRHA Archives in Chattanooga, there are a lot of ICC records that list facilities at various locations. My understanding is that it lists turntables, but again, I’m not sure it specifies length. 

If you are interested in a specific line of the Southern and you know what classes of steam locomotives were operated over the line, you might get a pretty good idea of the length of the turntables available to turn them. I would think it unlikely that SOU would run an engine to the end of a branch if it couldn’t be turned on the turntable there unless there also was a wye. 

The largest Southern turntable I’m aware of is the 110’ turntable that was at Pegram Shop, Atlanta, which arguably would have to have been long enough to turn Southern’s longest locomotives, which I would guess were the 2-8-8-2s. According to Prince, they were 99’ plus a few inches long. That turntable now belongs to TVRM and is stored in Chattanooga.

Hope this helps.


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That would be great info but so far after posting this request twice no one had responded other than you.  As folks are generally very helpful, I must assume that no one has any info on Southern Turntable lengths, not even the one still in service in Spencer at the NCTM?

Perhaps some info will be forthcoming yet.

Allen Cain

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