locked Re: 1985 Freight Train Schedules and Blocking Instructions


Thanks John. I've got a February 1979 Freight Train Schedules and Blocking Instructions from this site: http://southern.railfan.net/

For the eastern lines, one of the biggest differences between these two was the construction of the new Spencer Yard in Linwood, NC, in 1979. That dramatically changed how freight was moved, particularly to the smaller terminals. For instance, in the 1985 document trains 131 and 132, between Winston-Salem and Charlotte, were removed. Trains 166 and 167, which ran between Charlotte and Knoxville in early 1979, were Knoxville to Spencer trains in 1985. I'm sure there are other examples. Eventually, much of the through traffic on the Spencer/Asheville/Morristown, TN, S-Line was moved to the N&W main line.

While it's after the 1982 merger date, and there are some N&W symbols included, at least it's still a Southern Ry. document. :)

Tim Rumph
Lancaster, SC

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