moderated Howell Jct Contract

George Eichelberger

I've mentioned that there are 1,000+ contracts and agreements in the SRHA archives. Now that most of the archives moving and construction projects are done...thanks to TVRM and many SRHA volunteers, we can get back to  scanning and organizing them along with everything else in the collection. I've attached an example between the NC&StL and the Southern covering "Maintenance of existing crossings and construction and maintenance of new crossings at Howell, Ga." Contracts typically include a lot of "boilerplate" language we see over and over. Many also include maps about what the agreement covers. SR file contract number 1157 dated 2-11-52 includes the track layout at Howell. Jct in Atlanta.

Next year's SRHA work session dates are shown on the web at We are close to filling up the 6,000 sq. ft. on the building's ground floor so there is plenty of research material and organizing to do in 2019. We can be at the archives other days but only if someone lets us know their plans via an email to archives@....


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