locked Re: Steam ejector A/C on WRRX 817 (ex SOU 817)

George Eichelberger

Here are two parts from Budd drawing T42-02961 that provide dimensions and placement for the under floor equipment on Southern coach lounges Nos 950 to 955. We are just starting to get the SRHA archives passenger car drawings organized and have not run everything through the large color scanner. "Large" is correct for the Budd drawings, many are six feet wide and three + feet high. Most are blue prints (70+ years old) so they take quite a bit of work to clean up before copies can be provided.

The Specifications, drawing lists and the drawings for the Southern's lightweight passenger cars are in the archives. The ACF and some of the P-S drawings are on microfilm so they are easy to scan and use. We do not have any Budd drawings on microfilm so scanning the print versions is important to get done.


PS Remember, rolling stock drawings are always "top down" views!

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