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John Stewart

Hi Ike and all,


This is pretty amazing.


The UK online archive has a “Nollau” photo collection which contains a lot of AGS material.  He was an engineering professor and apparently did work for the AGS.  The archive includes (online) most every building/tank/structure from Meridian to Cinnci in (if memory serves) around WWI


Some of the descriptions by archivists are a hoot – not railroad folks






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The Southern Railway Presidents’ Files in the SRHA Archives go from “interesting and useful” to simply “unusual”. Box 15 File 215 contains an insurance policy for the CNO&TP and AGS dated January 18, 1893 issued by the New York office of the Royal Insurance Co. of Liverpool England. The policy includes “schedules” listing the structures and rolling stock from Cincinnati to Chattanooga ($1,940, 350) and the AGS from Chattanooga to Attala, AL.


The fifteen plus pages are all hand written…..





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