locked CNO&TP Insurance Policy continued


Please excuse my late response, as for some reason I hadn't properly added this group earlier.


The CNO&TP Insurance Policy you posted Nov. 2 from the president's files is chocked full of great information.

Consider this...we have some good details on what the buildings in Cincinnati and Ludlow were constructed of, and what buildings there were that were insured.

The 1893 date puts us into the (corrected) second set of shop buildings constructed at Ludlow. A massive fire destroyed the Ludlow shops in 1887, and they were rebuilt under the guidance of master mechanic James Meehan. So, here we see an old passenger station, and a new passenger station being built or having been built by 1893 in Ludlow. That's fascinating. Now, I've seen where the old passenger depot in Ludlow was in the yard across from the locomotive shops, and that it was then repurposed into a coach paint and varnish shop. The new (and last) depot was built at the north end of the Ludlow yard near the bridge to Cincinnati. So, was the "old depot" something that survived the fire?

Also of interest is that there was an M&C transfer platform in Cincinnati. I'm guessing this is the one that was at Cincinnati Junction, but this means it was built or at least owned/co-owned by CNO&TP. If it's the same Cincinnati Junction wood building I've seen antique photos of before, this was also where passengers could transfer to Ohio & Mississippi Ry (B&O Southwestern) trains.

It's also interesting that livestock pens (there was a big one at Sadieville by then) were seemingly not worth insuring or were just part of a different policy perhaps.

There's a lot of information packed into just this single page. What great stuff.

Kudos to you for the work that you do George.

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