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Thanks to everyone involved in the archives scanning project and to those who keep SRHA active and busy. I very much understand the need for SRHA members like me to come down to Chattanooga, and I plan to do that as soon as COVID-19 is over to be part of one of the work sessions.

I've still got a TIES article or two in the works, and I'll have to coordinate with all the above folks to make sure those end up happening and I finish them.

Ike, there sure was a lot of activity between Gest Street, CUT and Ludlow. Southern was the only RR to not have its locomotives and passenger cars regularly services at CUT because of the proximity of Ludlow. If anyone reading this has never visited the area, you can see Cincinnati Union Terminal from Ludlow because it's that close across the Ohio River.

I'm really in the infancy of a possible scanning/archive project for the Cincinnati Railroad Club, but where to locate our archives where it can be more accessible is the real question. So, I really do appreciate what goes into these kinds of efforts.

The CRRC doesn't have a huge set of Southern Railway holdings, but we do have some. Here's a photo I scanned recently from a print loaned to us of a Pacific in Ludlow in 1930.

Chris Mayhew
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Cincinnati Railroad Club president

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