locked Whale Oil and Southern Railway shipment information in the Fairfax Harrison period

George Eichelberger

Presidents' Files Box 403 contains files that discuss shipments, and revenues, for every category of freight the Southern carried in the early 1920s. Manufactured items, from the North to the South, agriculture products and raw materials South to North and imports and exports, mostly through the ports of Norfolk and Charleston. (The archives contain extensive material (and photos) of the coal pier at Charleston that certainly warrant a TIES article..anyone interested in helping?)

The attached is somewhat unusual......
There are several documents describing shipments from the S/S "Pythia" from Norfolk to Procter & Gamble at Ivorydale (Cincinnati), Ohio. The 6-12-1923 memo describes a shipment of 137 (box?) cars carrying 7,642,100 lbs. of whale oil in three trains.


The SRHA Archives Presidents' Files Finding Aids include about 70 spreadsheets that cover virtually every SR Executive Dept. box and 17,000! files that date from the formation of SRS to the N&W merger. When we can organize archives work sessions again, reviewing and updating the finding aids is a long-term project. (In addition to SRHA and TVRM volunteers, we could hire local university students if funding could be found.)

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