locked St Charles Branch Coal Loader Info

Daniel Bourque

Hi Everyone,


I’ve been lurking on this list for a while, and I really appreciate how much incredibly knowledge resides here—thanks for sharing!


I’m hoping there might be a Southern coal fan on this list who can help me with a research project. I’m modeling the Southern’s St. Charles Branch in southwestern VA, and despite multiple years of research now, I’m still not sure when the various coal loaders were active on this line. I’m building a spreadsheet with info based on aerial photos, other photos, track charts, etc., and I’m hoping someone here might have a Coal & Coke Directory or two and be willing to share some info that would help refine the research. Specifically, I’d be interested in any amplifying info for the 1960-1982 timeframe. Specific areas of interest: Imperial, Benedict, Monarch, Kemmergem, Turners Siding, Mayflower, Bonny Blue, St. Charles, Valee (Virginia Lee), Penn Lee, Maness, Pocket, Southwest, Reeds Creek, Purcell, Calvin, Keokee and Crest.


I’d be willing to share my spreadsheet with all who are interested—you can contact me off-list at deltabourque@....




Dan Bourque


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