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George Eichelberger


I just fixed the photo….

I could not figure out how to replace the elephants but it turned out it took longer to upload the photo than I was giving it to finish. Waddya think of the replacement? 

The photo is by David Driscoll. We obtained his slides with the Marvin Black collection. When I first looked through Marvin’s material I could not believe there were 35mm Kodak slides with a RED border. I understand they started out that way with ASA 10 Kodachrome.

For the SR steam fans among us, the SRHA archives include 3,560 color and B&W scans of steam engines….with many (!) hundreds more photos and negatives to be scanned. In addition to photos, there are 1,004 scans of SR steam loco drawings.

The Oscar Kimsey collection includes hundreds more steam negatives and photos from other railroads. 107 of Oscar’s L&N cab photos and 458 L&N MoW photos have been scanned. (Of course, our friends at the L&NHS already have them.) A future project will be to scan the hundreds of ACL, SAL, GA, A&WP, etc. negatives.


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Thanks for the invitation to membership.  

May I suggest a different photo for the home page?  Seeing a herd of elephants, at first I thought I might have been fooled into joining a Republican party interest group.  Or have I ??? ;o)

~ Marv Clemons

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