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David Friedlander

Hi Lee,

I model only in O-Scale. Not sure how many of us lurk on this group.  I'm not sure how deep you are into 2R O Scale modeling, but I'll give a general overview, followed by where to get the two parts you seek.

Generally, Precision Scale carries many things in its many catalogs.  The catalogs are located here: https://www.precisionscaleco.com/ I would download their 3 O-Scale PDF's and keep them handy as you do projects. It's a little bit of work to look for what you're looking for.  Sometimes I get lazy and search on ebay something like "precison XYZ" and there is a reseller who has ALOT of PSC O Scale parts on there, but not all, so you still need to look in the catalog if nothing shows up.

You can buy direct from PSC, or through many redistributors including Des Plaines Hobbies and P&D Hobby Shop.  Both owners were legendary in their own right for what they did for O-Scale, but Pat Mucci of P&D just passed away a couple weeks ago, and Ron Sebastian of Des Plaines Hobbies left us a few years ago, but both shops are still around. They each carry their own line of parts in addition to PSC and others.  Admittedly, DPH's website is harder to use and I mostly only shop there if there is a DPO or OSA part they make that I need specifically. Look for parts that start with either DPO or OSA (O Scale America), as those are their in-house parts.  OSA is the former custom finishes line by Bob Rzasa and googling that can bring up general listings of whats available with shadow drawings.

You also have scale city designs which took over the old Keil Line parts and carry some other stuff too.  Most of these are cast in white metal.  https://scalecitydesigns.com/

Norm at Protocraft makes killer decals and occasionally has useful detail parts (extras) from the brass cars he brings in from overseas: https://protocraft.com/category.cfm?Categoryid=6&CFID=1215290&CFTOKEN=c9c9217b35178129-B98EBDFC-E3FF-1DE8-D9D8409C2AEE1232

There are obviously others out there and 3D printed options as well.

As for your two part inquiries:

-Nathan m-3 horn: I use the bowser Cal-Scale brass horns.  Assembly required.  Soldering with silver-bearing solder is probably best, but you can glue them too like I used to do when I was younger. https://www.bowser-trains.com/history/oscalecalscale.html  (I also seem to remember hearing that these guys got rid of their cal scale line, but everything including the order form is still on the website, so go figure; I stocked up on M3 and M5 horns a long time ago, so I haven't ordered recently.)

-The bell: I have a bell similar to this on my S12 that I believe I got from Bill Davis at American Scale Models (https://americanscalemodels.com/O/O_DETAIL_PARTS) at a train show.  He sells a lot of parts that seem to have come originally from Overland Models designs.  I don't see the exact bell on his website, but you can probably conjure up something using a bell from any of the listed manufacturers here and solder it to some properly bent brass bar.

Other things you didn't ask for (other parts and upgrades):
-Upgraded handrails -  Specifically for the Weaver RS3, if you want to also upgrade the handrails or some of the other things I think they both have details to do that, including this item here: https://www.pdhobbyshop.com/Store/product_info.php?products_id=784

-Stack - Not sure, probably either DPH or P&D or make one from styrene.

-Marker lights - I have a set or two of P&D for when I get to my own Alco RS units.

-The sill mounted MU receptacle on the front porch (sides slightly arched from top to bottom) - P&D or PSC both make this style I believe.

-The handrail-mounted MU receptacles - I believe the Weaver RS3 model has these included.

-The elongated step board...not sure, you would need to look at the sources I provided you to see if someone makes it. I took a look at some parts diagrams from AtlasO, and doesn't look like they have it either. https://shop.atlasrr.com/t-partsdiagrams.aspx

-Dual-Beam light housing if your Weaver shell doesn't already have it (They came in both Single and Dual-Beam.) - PSC or Cal Scale (I believe Cal-Scale's are smaller and better.)

-Etched Fan shroud - I think P&D made these.

-Decals - I just took a look at Microscale ( http://www.microscale.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=SOU ) 48-328 decals and ET&WNC is not included.  This hood gold leaf lettering set was also remade a few years ago by Microscale and they screwed up the set, so beware using that set for any of the letterings.  Some artwork software allows you to use borders on your shapes, and I have a feeling they turned it off by accident and all of the lettering on the reprinted set is thin, wrong, and doesn't match the original 48-328 sets made many years ago. Unfortunately, a few years back, even after I emailed them about it, (they confirmed receipt, but after the lady passed it onto the primary guy there), he never got back to me about it even after several follow up emails, which was a giant FU to me.  I am lucky I was able to buy up enough old stock that I think my projected future needs will be covered. Just gotta hope they last long enough for me to use.

If you have any other questions, I can answer them on or off the list.  I only suggest on list, as there may be other modelers in O-scale here with similar questions.  I should probably review my blog and make sure I update some sort of parts source list that I use for my rolling stock, varnish, and locomotive detailing.

David Friedlander

On Mon, Dec 28, 2020 at 12:59 AM D. Scott Chatfield <blindog@...> wrote:

First thing, if you're looking for O-scale detail parts, the first place I'd call would be Des Plaines Hobbies.  Same for S-scale parts.

The horn is a Nathan M-3.

The bell is a standard "fabricated frame" switcher bell, but looks a little smaller than normal.  Maybe because it's partly hidden by the fan shroud.  But you might consider an S-scale bell.

Scott Chatfield

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