locked Re: CofG RS3 details in O scale

Lee Bishop

I know the bell was a standard for all SRR RS-3s. Many years ago, I built this exact engine from an Atlas HO scale RS3, but of course all the parts I needed were easy to find in HO. Looking at some other photos, I'm sure I could make the frame myself. Would have bene easier if someone made the exact casting, though.
Thanks for the info. I have pretty much all the parts I need identified and ready to order.
This project is for a dummy engine for display. I don't model O scale standard gauge (nor have the room to do so). I model the ET&WNC in On30, during the 1940s. That said, I saw both of their RS-3s sitting on the scrap line in Elizabethton in the 80s and got some shots of them then. I don't recall ever seeing them running but we went there each year when I was a kid and I was born in 1969, so I was certainly in the area when they could have run, just don't think I ever saw them moving.
This will just go on a shelf, but as it's a dummy, I could run it on someone's layout someday coupled to the front of a powered unit...

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