locked Re: CofG RS3 details in O scale

Lee Bishop

Thanks, guys.
Warren, that's a great photo and I'm probably going to use it as a guide along with some other shots I have of it. that's the cleanest I've ever seen her in photos, for some type of excursions with TVRM cars (something I've seen next to nothing about for the details).
I've been pondering which RS3 I'll make; 209 or 210, but there seem to be a lot more photos of 210 out there. That, and it still exists (though as a gutted shell out back of the shop at TVRM).
I just placed a hefty order for detail parts but I think I'll have everything I need. The ET&WNC lettering isn't perfect for SRR lettering but it's awfully close. I'll do what I did on that HO scale one I built in the 80s; use the Microscale SRR diesel set that has the S&A road name, using two inverted/altered "A"s to make the letter W for the road name.
I'd pondered if I was going to make it in the early 70s guise with the orange stripe or as it was re-lettered after being swapped for 207/208 (SRR 630 and 722 today) with the white tuxedo stripe in 1967. As I only ever saw them with the orange stripe at the end of their lives in TN, that's what I'll likely paint them for.
It's funny that I'm going to this much trouble for a model I'll never run (and has no motor), but as a dummy engine I could always run it on a 3 rail layout someday...
Of course I'll post photos here when it's done. I usually work pretty fast, so once it's all in place and I have a window for painting weather (I'm in the Pacific NW), I'll move pretty quick, barring unforeseen circumstances. Putting these details on and doing paint work won't take very long...
Lee Bishop
FYI, there should be an article on my On30 ET&WNC layout in RMC early in 2021, keep an eye out.

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