locked Re: SR Diesel Order Specs


Thanks for sharing this and all of the things you pull out of the archives. There wasn't any doubt about me re-upping my SRHA membership, but this made me re-up a couple of weeks ago for two years with a donating portion. 

Anyway, I wonder if at some point the president files or other records might turn up when the first diesel shops were ordered built (and actually built)? Ludlow as open by 1947 (but perhaps earlier). Since Ludlow's diesel shop burned in 2020, I'm wondering if it (and possibly with a few others around the system) were definitely the first on the Southern. I definitely would be up for writing a TIES article on that if I learned more, but I haven't seen any records so far about the earliest days of the diesel shops in Ludlow or elsewhere.

-Chris Mayhew

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