locked Re: CofG RS3 details in O scale

Lee Bishop

Thanks for posting those photos, Bob! I don't recall ever seeing the RS-3s in service (though I was certainly in the area for family trips in that timeframe but I was born in 1969), the former SP RS-11s were the first ET&WNC engines I remember clearly that came after these.
As for the North American Rayon fireless cooker, I remember that well. They made such a big deal about the bicentennial pain job, and showed it off at Sycamore Shoals during the bicentennial events at Fort Watauga. It sat right by the entrance to the park and I have shots of myself, my brother and cousin standing in front of it. In 1985, the day after Christmas, we were coming back from Johnson City (I had just got to get some neat stuff from the hobby shop there, including the Lionel HO scale Freedom Train 4449, model which I still have to this day) and saw it puttering around the mill tracks. My mom pulled over and I had my good camera on me. I got several shots of it switching, but nothing as good as your shots.
The crew let me sit in the cab under steam, and my Mom took a couple of shots (in the shadow side) of me in the cab. I need to scan those someday, but they're not that great quality.
Sadly, I never got out there in a timeframe when I could drive somewhere on my own to go check stuff out until after I got married. I never managed to fnd a train on the ET&WNC main, and a few years later, it was all gone in Elizabethton.

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