locked Re: SR Diesel Order Specs

Michael Roderick


That would be great idea about Zoom. I would also like to see more information about the Asheville engine facilities from 1900 forward. This information would be very helpful for those of us who model the Murphy Branch of the Southern.


On Dec 30, 2020, at 14:00, CMayhew <chris.mayhew611@...> wrote:


I'd love to hear more about the Zoom sessions too. When it's possible to get down to Chattanooga, I'd certainly like to make it a productive use of time for all of us.

What you listed....track charts, AFEs (authorization for expenditure) forms, correspondence in Presidential files asking for AFE approval would be what I would want to focus on to nail down dates/reasoning for need etc.

Thanks again, and Happy New Year. I'm all ears for when a Zoom could happen. I'm in for that.


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