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We have been successfully conducting Zoom sesssions amongst modelers for the past 4 months.  I would love to participate in a session related to the SRHA to learn more about the current Archive situation and about Southern history.


Wednesday, December 30, 2020, 1:13:47 PM, you wrote:

There are several sources of data in the SRHA archives that can give us information on track, bridges and structures. For a location such as Ludlow, data may (!) be found in track charts, AFEs (authorization for expenditure) forms, correspondence in Presidential files asking for AFE approval and the SRHA photo and drawing collections. The best information on "As&Bs” (additions and betterments) and dispositions may be in the individual Valuation section report ledgers that were prepared and sent to the ICC on June 30 and December 31 every years.

BTW: Diesels have their own, almost parallel, source on when they were put in service at specific terminals and shops. The Southern had to provide diesel fuel at each service point. Fuel racks, storage tanks and even tank cars to move fuel to locations (diesel fuel was not available locally in many places in the 1940s) all help determine when Divisions were dieselized.

We have been accumulating scanned info on particular locations and moving it into digital “By Location” files. As of right now there are almost 13,000 images in that file. I have put an earlier list on the .io group but it’s too large to do that again but I have attached the directory for Ludlow, KY. Sorry, we are not ready to make copies of the 13,000 items available “on demand”. We can get to that goal if people will volunteer to help at work sessions. (The “Rolling Stock” file has 64,545 scans, 1.17 TB.)

We would like to do a series of “Zoom” presentations in different aspects of the SRHA archives. We’ll do the first one “live” so we can answer questions then make it available for people to look at later. As that is simply more “TTD” in addition to what is already underway, I’d be interested in hearing some feedback if people are interested and think it would be worthwhile. Some of those could be done before we can schedule work sessions. (It may be useful to insist people look at particular topics before they go the archives the first time. That would save us from taking the time to answer questions when people make it to Chattanooga.


Ludlow Depot July 1948.tif
Ludlow Depot Piggyback Train.tif
Ludlow KY Coach Shop 1952.tif
Ludlow KY Coach Shop 1952_2.tif
Ludlow KY Coach Shop 1956.tif
Ludlow KY Diesel Shop & Roundhouse 1949.tif
Ludlow KY Diesel Shop & Turntable 1952.tif
Ludlow KY Freight Depot 1948.tif
Ludlow KY General View of Shops 1952.jpg
Ludlow KY General View of Shops 1952.tif
Ludlow KY Misc Stores House 1952.tif
Ludlow KY Roundhouse Shop & Yard.tif
Ludlow KY Tower MO  1914.tif
Ludlow, KY 1.tif
Ludlow, KY 1907 track layout 2.tif
Ludlow, KY 1907 track layout.tif
Ludlow, KY 1912 track layout 2.tif
Ludlow, KY 1912 track layout 3.tif
Ludlow, KY 1912 track layout 4.tif
Ludlow, KY 1912 track layout.tif
Ludlow, KY 2.tif
Ludlow, KY 3.tif
Ludlow, KY 4.tif
Ludlow, KY CNO&TP "MS" tower 12-82.tif
Ludlow, KY Ohio R. Bridge
Ludlow, KY axle turner's house.tif
Ludlow, KY car cleaner's house.tif
Ludlow, KY cast drain under pass depot.tif
Ludlow, KY coach repair shop.tif
Ludlow, KY depot 1927.tif
Ludlow, KY depot 4-22-1910.tif
Ludlow, KY depot and S end of Ohio R Bridge 10-26-73.tif
Ludlow, KY details_2.tif
Ludlow, KY early CNO&TP map 2.tif
Ludlow, KY early CNO&TP map.tif
Ludlow, KY early yard layout1.tif
Ludlow, KY early yard layout2.tif
Ludlow, KY early yard layout3.tif
Ludlow, KY early yard layout4.tif
Ludlow, KY early yard layout5.tif
Ludlow, KY gen'l foreman's office.tif
Ludlow, KY hoist house at pumping sta Nov 1927.tif
Ludlow, KY inclined plane1.tif
Ludlow, KY lumber mill.tif
Ludlow, KY machine shop extension 1930.tif
Ludlow, KY machine shop xfer table 1930.tif
Ludlow, KY new woodworking shop 1930.tif
Ludlow, KY oil house 7-11-1914.tif
Ludlow, KY old coach paint shop.tif
Ludlow, KY paint shop (note bagg car 3546).tif
Ludlow, KY pass sta details.tif
Ludlow, KY pass sta details_2.tif
Ludlow, KY pass sta floor plan.tif
Ludlow, KY pass sta framing.tif
Ludlow, KY pass sta wood details.tif
Ludlow, KY pass sta.tif
Ludlow, KY pass staSheet 5.tif
Ludlow, KY pattern & upolstery shop.tif
Ludlow, KY prop track arr't 1912-1.tif
Ludlow, KY prop track arr't 1912-2.tif
Ludlow, KY prop track arr't 1912-3.tif
Ludlow, KY prop track arr't 1912-4.tif
Ludlow, KY pump house Nov 1927.tif
Ludlow, KY pump house Nov 1927_2.tif
Ludlow, KY pump house Nov 1927_3.tif
Ludlow, KY pumping sta.tif
Ludlow, KY section house O-11 11-1952.tif
Ludlow, KY side elev framing.tif
Ludlow, KY store house Apr 1930.tif
Ludlow, KY toilet Aug 1927.tif
Ludlow, KY toilet Aug 1927_2.tif
Ludlow, KY toll collector's house.tif
Ludlow, KY track layout1.tif
Ludlow, KY track layout2.tif
Ludlow, KY track layout3.tif
Ludlow, KY track layout4.tif
Ludlow, KY water towers.tif
Ludlow, KY yard layout1 copy.tif
Ludlow, KY yard layout1.tif
Ludlow, KY yard layout2.tif
Ludlow, Ky bridge1.tif
Ludlow, Ky bridge2.tif
Ludlow, Ky bridge3.tif
Ludlow, Ky bridge4.tif
Ludlow. KY depot 8-17-72.tif

On Dec 30, 2020, at 11:55 AM, Bill Schafer <bill4501@...> wrote:


When SRHA had its annual meeting in Cincinnati in the spring of 1995, one of the activities was a tour of the facilities at Ludlow. We were pretty much given the run of the place and were well cared for by General Foreman Tom Kraft. NS arranged for the uniquely painted GP59 4610 to be on hand, and we could go through the diesel shop. We were told during our tour that the shop had been built before WWII to service the DL-109 diesels SOU bought for the Ponce de Leon and Florida Sunbeam. I never followed up to see exactly when the building was constructed. I’d love to run a story in TIES sometime about Ludlow and environs.

—Bill Schafer

On Dec 30, 2020, at 11:05, CMayhew <chris.mayhew611@...> wrote:

Thanks for sharing this and all of the things you pull out of the archives. There wasn't any doubt about me re-upping my SRHA membership, but this made me re-up a couple of weeks ago for two years with a donating portion.

Anyway, I wonder if at some point the president files or other records might turn up when the first diesel shops were ordered built (and actually built)? Ludlow as open by 1947 (but perhaps earlier). Since Ludlow's diesel shop burned in 2020, I'm wondering if it (and possibly with a few others around the system) were definitely the first on the Southern. I definitely would be up for writing a TIES article on that if I learned more, but I haven't seen any records so far about the earliest days of the diesel shops in Ludlow or elsewhere.

-Chris Mayhew

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