locked Re: The Interstate Coal Fleet: 1960-1966?

Evan Miller

Thanks for the help! It looks like it'd be fine to mix in some black and repainted INT cars in a 60's era Middlesboro based mine run I'm considering modeling. Being able to mix in Southern Black, Transitional Brown, and Block Brown, all with variety of different types of cars would make for a great train to model! Of course the hardest part of this project is deciding on a year to determine which cars to include and which to leave out.

In regard to the Interstate offside hoppers, are there any estimates of how many Southern assigned to INT and how many received the side extensions? I'd love to model a few of the extended side cars. I also noticed there was a shot on Appalachian Railroad Modeling of a normal Interstate offset, but it had peaked ends? I wonder if Southern added them when they were reassigned to the Interstate? Speaking of extended side cars, I've also seen a shot of an extended side war-emergency rebuild.  K4 Decals now offers a set designed for the Interstate offsets: https://k4decals.com/collections/hopper-decals/products/interstate-railroad-offset-twin-hopper-white-decal-inth2

About the Saluda runaway, the last one was November 14, 1971. I've seen some photos of it on some Southern FB groups. While I couldn't pick out any Interstate cars, I did notice a Central of Georgia rebuilt war-emergency in the mess. The fact that there many Interstate cars in this wreck is proof that even after the Transloader came on the scene, some where still roaming the system. I wonder if these cars where Yellow Balls that escaped or just general service cars that where never Yellow Balls to begin with?

Bluford Shops has announced they are doing a run of permanently coupled war emergency rebuilds in N Scale.  http://bluford-shops.com/bluford_93_035.htm

-Evan Miller

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