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George Eichelberger


Your question is a good one! I'll post it as new topic while I figure out how to “unlock” a topic.

My guess, only that, is a switch crew would uncouple, spot and recouple cars on the scale as with any other work. No other “signal” equipment would be necessary. I have seen memos in the SRHA archives telling crews they MUST uncouple cars as they were weighed to get accurate readings.


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Hi, thank you for maintaining this group.  I wanted to ask a question about how the scale operator would signal the engineer to advance the cars over the scale. The drawing  states “street car head lights to be mounted on poles.  I assume that’s how this was done,  but wonder if it was a plain light or colored, and if anyone could add any addition info.
The topic has been locked after 14 days, so I’m not sure how to ask – do I create a new topic? Or do you unlock it?  
Bruce Harrison
Columbia, CT

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