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Bill Schafer


Below are two pages from the register book at Marion Junction, Ala., for January 12, 1917. I’m not an expert on train registers, and they may have changed over the years as the rules changed. From the looks of it, this book - which had enough pages for an entire month - was a standard Southern Railway form. There may be more like this in private collections or in the SRHA archives; they contain a wealth of information. 

Hope this helps.

—Bill Schafer

On Jan 21, 2021, at 22:22, pschmidt3013@... wrote:

Would anyone happen to have a photo to share of a page from a Southern train register book? 

Was there any difference in the type of train register books used where an operator was on duty compared to those signed by the C&E at unmanned stations/junctions? 

Thank you.
Paul Schmidt
Sequim WA

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