locked Re: Topic on Scales and Scale Tracks is locked, and I'd like to ask a question

David Payne

Never saw a Southern crew, nor even a CofG crew, weigh cars, but watched under my grandfather's "supervision" as the West Point Route (A&WP/WofA) weighed cars in Newnan, Ga.
The local freight crew would shove the car onto the "weigh" rails, cut off, the conductor (I assume) would work the scale, then couple-up and move on to the next car to be weighed or other work.
This was a scale with an "open shack" not an enclosed house as many plans show.  The one on the CofG in Newnan was similar.  I think both were of Fairbanks-Morse construction.  I attribute this to the relatively mild weather which didn't require a building to enclose the beam, but there was such a building in Athens, Ga.  Go figure.
David Payne

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