locked HO BLI/QSI Steam Locomotives


Has anyone in the group had any experience with "older" Broadway Limited steam locomotives?  I acquired one (decorated as a SOU 2-8-2 #6326) recently at an estate sale.  I operate only DC, but they're supposed to run on DC.  Anyway, when I powered it up, it made start-up sounds, but would not run.  Having contacted BLI, I was told that it's a discontinued, QSI-sound-equipped model, older than fifteen years.  I managed to do a reset on the locomotive, but it still won't run.  I'm suspecting that there's a motor/gearing problem, since it makes a vague rumbling sound when it should be running.
In any case, it didn't come with any parts/service drawings, and they're no longer available from Broadway Limited.  I'm hoping that someone in this group might have experience with one like mine, or similar in age.
Thanks for any help you might offer.
Michael Dunnington
St. Louis, MO, area

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