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George Eichelberger


What is a “General Arrangement book”? Are you referring to versions of the Southern Freight Car Diagram books (some sold by SRHA) or actual General Arr't drawings? The diagram books were certainly not intended to provide an accurate “image” of what each car series looked like.

In some cases, a diagram book page represents cars from more than one carbuilder or the result of a rebuild program that used different cars.

I expect the SRHA archives has the full size “General Arrangement” drawings for every SR and CofG hopper and most otherfreight cars back to about 1905.


On Jan 25, 2021, at 8:19 AM, Sam Smith via groups.io <sam_smith2004@...> wrote:

This is kinda interesting to me and I'm glad you asked. I will be interested to see what answers come from the group. I always kinda figured that the actual drawing was just a generalization and that the measurements were the "important" or "useful" information. I came to this conclusion because to me, a lot of the drawings of similar types of cars looked, well, a little "to similar" to me.

Sam Smith
Moultrie, Ga.

On Sun, Jan 24, 2021 at 9:52 PM, D. Scott Chatfield
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So I was looking through my Southern general arrangement drawings, a pile that stops in the late '60s, and noticed that the drawings for both the Pullman Big Reds and Greenville Little Big Reds both show a 14-panel car side.  This doesn't match either, since the Big Reds had 20 panels and the Little Big Reds had 18 panels.  (We count only the full height panels.). It turns out that these drawings are pretty close to what some of the Little Big Reds looked like after they were rebodied in the mid '80s.  Strange or prescient?

Did any of the later G.A. books have corrected drawings for these cars?

Scott Chatfield

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