locked Re: Topic on Scales and Scale Tracks is locked, and I'd like to ask a question

michael lowe

    Between 1980 and 1988, I weighed some cars on a small scale in an enclosed shack on the MKT in Dallas, Texas. The first car would be shoved acorss the locked track, then uncoupled.
I would unlock the scale and weigh the car. I waited for the scale to quit bouncing and the switch crew would get frustrated with me, but I wanted an accurate weight.  Then I would lock the
scale and the crew would shove the next car, etc.  Sometimes, I had a car, that I had to weigh each half of the car, because it was too long. I was a certified  WWIB weighmaster.
   The scale had a slot to put the scale ticket in and clamp it down, so it embossed the weight.    
    Michael Lowe.

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