locked Replacement boxcar doors

D. Scott Chatfield

While you can still find Southern-painted waffle boxcars on the rails (saw one yesterday), almost every last one has lost its original doors.  Does anyone recall when that started?  Building cars to use in the 1988-1994 timeframe and I'm not sure if any should have replacement doors yet.

Normally I'd look at my photos from back then to answer the question, but fact is Southern waffles and regular exterior-post boxcars were _so_ common that I didn't pay them much attention.  When film was relatively expensive, and you only had 24 or 36 shots on a roll, you couldn't just shoot every last car.  Today, with digital photography being like free beer, you can take as many as your bladder can hold.

More than once I cruised into North Platte, Nebraska, cleaned out every store of slide film (both stores), and still ran out of film by the end of the day.  Next stores with slide film were 70 miles east or 200 miles west.

Scott Chatfield

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