locked Re: Evaluation and Purchase of New Diesel Locomotives

Charles Harris

Hi Ike

Thanks for your email and offer to locate reference re Ingalls.  No hurry to locate just when you come across it again.



New Zealand

On 28/09/18 03:45, George Eichelberger wrote:

While researching the Southern diesel book, I found a reference to the Ingalls locomotive. I will dig though what I've accumulated and see if I can find that reference.

We will also look in the Oscar Kimsey industrial loco photo file to see what it may have. Oscar's Industrial photos and negatives are as extensive as I have ever seen on the subject. If someone was interested, we could produce a book of Oscar's (and other) photos. A second collection, acquired by Oscar, includes large format negatives of industrial, short line and main line steam. Marvelous material!


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