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Casey Holtzinger, a prolific artist from the Hampton Roads area who passed away in 2009, painted hundreds of historic scenes of life in the area from long ago. Most of his work was in watercolors and adapted from black and white photos. Casey once told me that the hardest part of his work was in getting the color right (because the original images were monochrome). Accordingly, he put some research into each of his paintings by checking contemporary sources or asking old timers of their recollections. 

Casey painted a few rail-related scenes, although his work mostly focused on the maritime. One of his paintings depicted the Southern passenger terminal at Pinner’s Point, Va., where the overnight train from Danville had just arrived behind a green Ps-2 Pacific. The terminal was really a dock, with a track on one side and water on the other and a canopy in between. Opposite the Ps-2 was the steamer Memphis, which doubled as a tugboat and a passenger boat that shuttled passengers, mail, and express across the Elizabeth River to Southern’s downtown Norfolk terminal. Casey depicted the structure and hull of the Memphis in a uniform rust red with a black funnel. I understand tug Louisville and the various barges and lighters in Southern’s fleet were painted the same red. 

If you want to see the photo Casey based his painting on, see p. 14, 2013-2 TIES.


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Has anyone ever seen any color/painting documentation or drawings for the “Memphis” or “Louisville” tugs that worked Pinners Point ?
Any help is appreciated!

Thanks, Barry

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