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Michael Young

You could open the image file in a graphics editing app, and use a color selection tool to select the black background area, then delete it, or replace the black pixels with white (which is basically the same thing).  That would remove the black background and leave the letters/numbers.  You may have to experiment with the selection tool's sensitivity setting, to make sure you get a clean edge to the letters/numbers.
Mike Young 

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I have two questions.........
1.  Several years ago, someone (Donnie Dixon, I think) offered artwork for SOU steam decals, to be printed for personal use.  Are these still available, and where can I find them?
2.  Back when I printed them, the black-background, freight, decals "disappeared" when applied to a locomotive/tender.  I had to paint white the areas where decals were to go in order for them to show up.  I'm wondering if I used the wrong (clear) inkjet decal paper, or if there is a way to only print the numbers, letters, etc, and not the black background??
Thanks for any help you can offer.
Michael Dunnington
St. Louis, MO, area

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