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Robert W. Grabarek, Jr.

Dear Ike,

Great research and interesting correspondence.  I never saw either study, but I first heard about the trackage rights proposal in 1973.  Looks like Mr. Claytor had a bee in his bonnet about this proposal.  I see that Bob Reid wrote the 1976 reply for Mr. Tipton.  Mr. Claytor said no coal would be transported over this route, but I wonder what was in the cars to be picked up at Bulls Gap.  I never worked between Alexandria and Spencer so I'm not familiar with the customers on that route.


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You may be familiar with the study that produced the attached 5-18-76 letter from J.R. Tipton to H.H. Bradley that describes traffic blocks that could be implemented with a new operating plan that included the Bristol-Lynchburg trackage.


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Dear Ike,

This 1976 letter was of interest to me.  When I worked in Transportation Planning in 1973 I was told that the group had looked at gaining trackage rights from Bristol to Lynchburg and had concluded that they would be of little value.  I wonder what changed.

Bob Grabarek

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