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A&Y Dave in MD

I believe so.  Note that I created custom sets based upon my need. Those are not generic 0-6-0 decals but specific to the 1684 in Greensboro. And I added an A&Y roadname just for fun since I toyed with using it. The A&Y paid a share of the upkeep since it switched for both it and the parent Southern. But I only have one of these Tenshodo engines and decided it needed to be as accurate as I could, at least in lettering.  

I also created a Mikado set for 4560, that ran on the Winston-Salem Division in 1934. And an 8x10 decal set that can letter 26 individual A&Y freight locomotives and at least 3 cabs rented from the Southern with A&Y lettering. 

Jim at Highball has the artwork. Tell him to ask me if there is any concern and I’ll give permission again.


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Is it possible for others of us to buy sets of those decals you’ve had printed by HighBall Graphics??

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If you do have some printed, I would definitely like to buy a few sets.


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Thanks for the info.  I've not yet heard from Mr. Dixon, but hoping he'll reach out to me.
I'm wondering if he'd be willing to allow HighBall Graphics to run some sets of the steam decals?  That sounds a whole lot easier than trying to find a functioning ALPS.  I just want a few sets for my personal use, but there might be other folks out there who'd buy them if available.
Thanks again,

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I have the artwork if you still need it, but since Donnie has been
copied he'll probably sort you out very quickly.

Printing decals to work on black backgrounds normally requires you to
use a special printer that can lay down a perfectly registered opaque
white backing for the coloured inks . Inkjets and laser printers only
use transparent inks and rely on the white paper to show the colours -
if you apply them on a dark surface the decal will simply disappear.
If you know someone who has an old ALPS printer which is still in
working order, that is one way, but they are getting a bit thin on the
ground, being rather old technology and rather fragile to boot.  If
you are really into printing your own, there's quite a market in
refurbished ALPS printers in Japan, and a strong enthusiast community
but it's certainly not a hobby for the impecunious.

Companies like HighBall graphics can do custom runs in reasonably
small batches, which would still be a lot cheaper than finding,
recommissioning and learning to use an old ALPS.


> 1.  Several years ago, someone (Donnie Dixon, I think) offered artwork for SOU steam decals, to be printed for personal use.  Are these still available, and where can I find them?
> 2.  Back when I printed them, the black-background, freight, decals "disappeared" when applied to a locomotive/tender.  I had to paint white the areas where decals were to go in order for them to show up.  I'm wondering if I used the wrong (clear) inkjet decal paper, or if there is a way to only print the numbers, letters, etc, and not the black background??
> Thanks for any help you can offer.
> Michael Dunnington
> St. Louis, MO, area


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