locked Savannah and Atlanta Cab X-256 (and SOU X-255)

David Friedlander

Hi all,

I just received my 2020Q4 TIES.  It was very well done. Kudos to those who take the time to produce these articles.

I now have excuses to run 30-car silversides trains.

In any case, I had a question about the S&A caboose shown on page 23.  When did this NE-style caboose get repainted from the (White and/or Off-White) to SOU red/yellow?

Here's a photo of it prior to the repaint:

I might as well ask - Would the colors match S&A 251 on page 22? Looking at Sam McCall's website, it looks like my initial thoughts are correct: http://hosam.com/roads/sa.html  (white sides, black roof, caboose red ends.)

The image archive also has an interesting photo of X-255. When did it get its windows plated over and repainted into Southern? These look like neat projects for way down the road.

David Friedlander

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