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David Friedlander

The yellow bellies are indeed locals.  I plan on loosely modeling around Atlanta, so this works for me. Just trying to figure out if I ever decided I want one, if I was to paint it for around 1970, should it be the new or old schemes.


Looks like someone has been trying to reach the owner of the website, which seems to be you now. :-)     https://ncrails.com/hosam-com/   Hopefully you can reach out to Steve about website preservation. Not entirely sure what he is looking to do other than incorporate some of the information there on his own site.  His site is a rather nice resource IMHO.

I appreciate you keeping it going.  It's very basic, so I can't imagine there is a whole lot to get hacked, but I have no idea what the backend is like.  As Steve has done, I too think I haved saved off most anything I wanted in case it did perish.  I haven't noticed any errors in my usage of the site, but I admit my usage has been light.  If upkeep is a concern, there's always the option to try to roll it into some sort of free blog.  The lift shouldn't be too difficult if needed.

I use the Image Archive from Tom Daspit often, or at least used to.  I have run across broken links before, but have no room to complain. If Tom wants out, I don't actually know how IRM pulled off their usage of smugmug (https://pullman-lib.smugmug.com/), but if it's free, it may make sense to slowly shift the photos over if the upkeep of his site is too much, but I realize there is more than just the image archive. Then you get dependent on smugmug and how they run business.  Pro's and Con's to every decision.

In both cases, I don't know what it costs to keep the sites up. If the current owners want out and if the SRHA wants to bring these sorts of resources in-house, then that is also an option.  As a lifetime SRHA member, I can most definitely find some time to help out with some of that work if desired.  The powers that be just have to figure out if the owners want out and if these are things the SRHA as a whole are interested in owning and maintaining.

David Friedlander

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You mentioned hosam.com as your source for painting info.     I pay the upkeep on the site and domain name now that Sam and Hank have both passed away.    I have not tried to edit/add to that site over the years, though I probably should.   If anyone knows of egregious errors on that site, please let me know and I'll remove them.

At one point, I had hoped to carry on Sam's work to provide even more information in such an accessible format, especially on the Southern Railway, but then it was hard enough some years to remember to pay the server bill and double check the site hadn't been hacked.   So it has remained static for more than a decade.

I would be happy to remove errors though, if they are clear and egregious.   Most of the time, I think Sam got it right (or at least fairly chose between options when the evidence was not 100% clear).   I only keep the site up as a memorial to Sam and because I gave Hank my word I would continue it as long as I could.  But I don't want to create confusion by promoting errors that have been proven wrong.  Sam would have wanted those corrected, too.

I often wonder what will happen to southern.railfan.net if Tom Daspit runs out of track some day, too.  I use that site as a reference at least 3-4 times a year, and I bet a lot of others do too.

Thoughts like these are the reason I keep hosam.com up and why I donate to the SRHA.  SRHA is the only organization that is dedicated to preserving the Southern's historical information. An individual may have a friend or two, like Hank and then me, to help when they falter. But individuals still fall to the wayside at some point.  Collective action is more sustainable.  Our best bet to preserve the legacy is to help the SRHA  preserve and share its information.

Dave Bott

Monday, February 8, 2021, 6:48:30 PM, you wrote:

Hi all,

I just received my 2020Q4 TIES.  It was very well done. Kudos to those who take the time to produce these articles.

I now have excuses to run 30-car silversides trains.

In any case, I had a question about the S&A caboose shown on page 23.  When did this NE-style caboose get repainted from the (White and/or Off-White) to SOU red/yellow?

Here's a photo of it prior to the repaint:

I might as well ask - Would the colors match S&A 251 on page 22? Looking at Sam McCall's website, it looks like my initial thoughts are correct: http://hosam.com/roads/sa.html  (white sides, black roof, caboose red ends.)

The image archive also has an interesting photo of X-255. When did it get its windows plated over and repainted into Southern? These look like neat projects for way down the road.

David Friedlander

David Bott

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