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John Stewart

Hi folks


That is a great picture for sure.  Thanks for sharing.  Looks like something is “afire” in the distance.  Guessing the picture is what, about 1950?


John R Stewart

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The SRHA archives includes many more photos than we can probably ever use in TIES or SRHA books. Here is an undated example that includes a variety of topics.

Although the photo is undated, we know that the Southern box car in the foreground of the photo is one of 1,000 post-war all steel design box cars built by Pullman-Standard and delivered in 1946 or 47 and the (most likely) NW-2 helps date the photo to 1947. No caption came with the image but it may be an Atlanta newspaper photo taken as part of the coverage of the fire in the distance.

The Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha stock car coupled to the (very unusual!) dry ice car is a long way from home. The WFE car at Inman suggests the photo may have been taken during the Florida citrus, vegetable or peach shipping seasons when WFE equipment was moved east. The process reversed when apples were in season and FGE cars went west (there are mentions in the archives of solid trains of empty "reefers" moving back and forth as the seasons changed). The Inman icing platform is still in service and working, another "sign" it is peach or citrus season. With multiple Southern routes and railroads out of Atlanta, Inman was a diversion and re-icing point for northbound perishables.

The brakeman standing on the running board of the second car from the switch engine would be "interesting" during switch moves!

A great photo!


Forty-foot box cars are seen throughout the yard.

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