locked Re: Southern Ps4 4-6-2 Crescent Paint Question

Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton

Ray, sorry to be slow in answering.

The finishing practices for steam engines changed in 1934 and I don't
think any of the special lettered Crescent Limited engines were
repainted in the new style before the train was discontinued. The old
scheme was provided with gold leaf lining and striping and the whole
engine varnished before it went into service; the later scheme used an
enamel-type finish with striping and lettering painted on using
imitation gold and the varnish coat was left off. T

The varnish is what made the difference; the older colour is
sometimes referred to as "Virginia Green" and reportedly appeared
slightly darker than the later colour. Dupont colours were used in
both styles and, as far as I can tell after the thick end of ninety
years, the basic shade of green didn't change significantly as the
paint name stayed the same.

Varnish of the period tended to be a deep amber colour which acted as
a sort of filter on the reflected light, resulting in a rather deeper
and richer finish then the bare enamel paint. In full size work you
can still achieve this look by using yacht varnish over the top coat,
but the very thin coat you would need for model work would lose much
of the effect. If you can get Scalecoat paints ( we haven't seen them
in these parts for many years and my last bottle has now passed on)
then a little dab of reddish brown added to their Southern green will
get you some of the way.


On Thu, Feb 18, 2021 at 4:38 PM Ray Bedard <tczephyr@hotmail.com> wrote:

I'm in the process of painting a Ps4 4-6-2 in the Crescent Ltd green. Does anyone have any suggestions on what brand and what green best represents the prototype?

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