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Graves, William W

Just to add a little trivia to this topic…


Dave’s map is quite good.  I spent part of my childhood there from 54 to the late 60’s.  (Across from the Vick’s plant for awhile and near the A&Y northern line later.)  There was an industrial spur track at the Vick’s plant and at least two on the A&Y just north of the water plant.  There were also two decent trestles near the Duke Power plant, one on the plant spur and one on the “beltline”.  I do remember seeing trains serving the Vick’s plant and the power plant and a derrick stored on the spur (pass track?) just north of the water plant.


Other tracks I remember served what’s listed as the “Military Reservation” and came off the Raleigh line.  They ran north from the cigarette factories to about E. Bessemer and then had several tracks turn west for a few blocks that served a few warehouses.  Also (and this may have been later), there was a spur built downtown to serve the Greensboro Daily News printing facility.  It was very tightly fitted between several buildings.


Haven’t been back in about 15 years, so I am unsure what still exists other than the “mains”.


Damn, I’m old!

- Bill

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