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George Eichelberger

Greensboro, NC is well represented in the SRHA Archives digital files with 121 items. In the “Contracts” file, No. 821 covers the A&Y in 1924. Certainly some great material for a well researched TIES article! If someone will plan to get to an archive work session this Summer or Fall, they can look through everything and help locate other items to scan.

Here are two examples.


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Thank you for sharing.  With the closing of the Chandler Concrete plant (near Battleground and Mill Street), the evidence of the west bound A&Y is disappearing.


I am very interested that there was a derrick stored on the A&Y north of the water treatment plant.


The military reservation here was known as the ORD – Overseas Replacement Depot.  Some of the WWII buildings still exist, as well as remnants of the trackwork.  The Greensboro History Museum published an interesting photograph book via Arcadia of the ORD.


It would be great if you could share any photographs that you may have of Greensboro and trains – the Greensboro Chapter of the NRHS is always looking.


Kevin von der Lippe
Oak Ridge, NC

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