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Graves, William W

Rodney, Kevin and All –


> With the closing of the Chandler Concrete plant (near Battleground and Mill Street), the evidence of the west bound A&Y is disappearing.

I had wondered if that was still in operation.  I always thought Greensboro lost a great transit opportunity when they shortened that line.


> I am very interested that there was a derrick stored on the A&Y north of the water treatment plant.

Well, I was hanging out there in the 1956-58 time frame (When I was 10-12) and we would play on it.  (Not sure I ever saw a train on that line, although I know there were.)  Memory says the derrick was very small and not powered.  Other than that it would have been about 2/3’s the way to the Chandler siding, I’m afraid I don’t have much else on it.


> The military reservation here was known as the ORD – Overseas Replacement Depot. 

Thank you Kevin, I could not remember the name for the area!


> It would be great if you could share any photographs that you may have of Greensboro and trains

Sorry, I was too young to know I needed to be taking pictures and while my father was a semi-rail fan, it did not extend to picture taking.


And yes Rodney, it was Latham Park with the Little League fields.  When I lived across from there, they still had a park train too.  The creosote plant must have been gone by the time I was there.

Thanks for all the memories!

- Bill

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