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Steve Ellis

Wonderful, thank you! 

 On my trip on the Southern from Washington to Atlanta and back in October of 1970, it seemed that even car attendants wore a white cotton 
jacket that looks like something a waiter would wear. Is that normal attire or was this person perhaps a member of the dining staff filling in for
the regular car attendant? 

On Tuesday, March 9, 2021, 11:42:52 AM EST, George Eichelberger <geichelberger@...> wrote:

In addition to hotels, many cities and large railroad facilities had either bunkhouses or YMCAs. (There are plans for several in the archives.) The question is….were they used by dining car staff? I suspect that was not common because dining cars were dropped and picked up by trains at various depots.


PS Here are two pages from the 7-31-57 dining car assignments.

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I was wondering if the Southern Railway ever housed any of their employees in a hotel for an overnight stay. I know that Amtrak does this. Here in New York City, one of the car attendants on the Crescent told me that he spends the night in a hotel right across the street from Penn Station.

Employees on American trains are not away from home nearly as much as those on the Russian trains. In 2010 I fulfilled a dream I’ve had from childhood and rode the Trans-Siberian railroad from Moscow to Vladivostok, a journey of seven days.

On YouTube you can watch a video of a lady who is an attendant on this train. Every time she leaves home it is for two weeks. The train does not have showers, and they do not get a hotel when they get to Vladivostok, sleeping in the train instead.

I spoke to one lady who said that she did two round trips and was away from home for a month.

Steve Ellis,
Brooklyn New York

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> Was this installation located on the military reservation shown on your Greensboro map?
While I did not recognize the picture, the Military Reservation shown on the map was definitely what was called the ORD section of Greensboro.  The picture could have been from the Pilot Life Campus that was mentioned in the wiki article as it had trees and while my time in Greensboro didn’t start until 1954, by then the ORD section was quite built up with small industrial buildings.
- Bill

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