locked Re: Heater Car 50 at TVRM?

Felix Freeman

I seem to recall that some of the retired "B" units in addition to being used as heater cars and mid train radio units were also used as scale test cars.  I think but am not sure that the one at Andover/Appalchia was used as a scale test car.  I photographed the one there and at that time it still had the nice brass EMC builder's plate attached.  

For a period of time a tourist/excursion railroad used a portion of the former Southern line out of Bristol to Gate City.  Among the equipment they had was a former Southern "B" unit. It was still in the Southern scheme when I photographed it at and stored at the end of the line.  I recall the location as being Mendota.

On Fri, Mar 12, 2021 at 10:25 AM Franklin Adams <fthedaddyof3@...> wrote:
Here are two from my negative collection.  Appalachia, VA September 1960

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